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GBI: Metalworking

Capacity Utilization Growth Is Accelerating

Durable goods capacity utilization was the second highest rate of capacity utilization since October 2016.
Durable Goods New Orders

Durable Goods Production Hits All-Time High

June’s rate of growth in durable goods production was the second fastest since July 2014.
10-Year Treasury Rate

Housing Permits Contract in June

Compared with one year ago, housing permits contracted for the first time since September 2017.
Real 10-Year Treasury Rate

The 10-Year Treasury Rate Points to Durable Goods Peak

The year-over-year change in the real 10-year Treasury rate has increased sharply in 2018, indicating an impending peak in consumer durable goods spending.
GBI Metalworking Cutting Tools

Cutting Tool Orders Above $200 Million for Third Month

May was the third consecutive month that cutting tool orders topped $200 million, which was the only time that has happened since the program began in January 2012.
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