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Gardner Intelligence Monetary Base

Monetary Base Contracts on Annual Rate

A contracting monetary base is an indication that capital equipment spending will contract in the next 12 to 24 months.
Gardner Intelligence Durable Goods

Has Growth in Durable Goods Orders Peaked?

Consumer durable goods spending has grown at a constant rate since late in 2017, indicating that the current flattening is likely the peak for this cycle.
Gardner Intelligence

U.S. Machine Tool Consumption to Hit $7.7 Billion in 2019

The 2019 Capital Spending Survey projects 11-percent growth in machine tool consumption, with prices continuing to increase.
Gardner Business Index

GBI: 2018 May Be Fastest-Expanding Year in Recorded History

The Index was driven higher by supplier deliveries, production and new orders.
Gardner Intelligence Appliance Market

Homeowners Driving Appliance Market More than Home Buyers

The limited construction of new homes may tamp demand for appliances going into new homes, but these same conditions may entice current homeowners to upgrade their appliances and home furnishings.
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