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Gardner Business Index Metalworking

Machine Tool Orders Pick Up in July

Though IMTS tends to cause an upswing, GBI trends indicate that the rate of growth in machine tool orders will likely peak in early 2019.
Money Supply

Federal Reserve Reduces Monetary Supply in August

The peak rate of growth in the money supply was in early 2018, indicating that machine tool orders should see their peak rate of growth in 2019.

Treasury Rate Durable Goods

Rising Treasury Rate May Impact Durable Goods Spending

Durable goods spending month-over-month growth was the slowest since February 2017.
Housing Construction Forecast Growth

Housing Construction Poised for Growth

Wall Street’s latest projections for the U.S. home construction market is optimistic, with projections for 2019 and 2020 exceeding the overall economy.
GBI Durable Goods

Durable Goods Orders Jump 8.3 Percent in July

Orders grew more than 8.0 percent in four of the last six months.
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