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Machine Tool Orders Take a Breather in June

Data indicates that machine tool orders are simply taking a breather before IMTS instead of hitting their peak rate of growth.

Durable Goods Orders Climb to Second Highest 12-Month Total

While high, durable goods orders have contracted 0.2 percent compared with one year ago, a likely sign that they have hit a peak this cycle.
Gardner Business Index July 2018

July GBI Led by Supplier Deliveries

For the third consecutive month, supplier deliveries is the fastest-growing component of the overall index.
Gardner Intelligence 10-Year Treasury Rate

Durable Goods Spending Maintains Record High

Durable-goods spending accounted for its largest share of all consumer spending ever for the second month in a row, but the rate of growth in consumer durable goods spending has flattened recently.

Income Growth Finally Hits Average Rate

It took almost three years, but real disposable income growth finally reached its long-term average rate of 3.1 percent.
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