The GBI Snapshot – The details, simplified

The Gardner Business Index (GBI) Snapshot product is a user-customized booklet containing only the information that you need and want to know. Keeping you informed about business activity in your geographic sales territories, in the end-markets you serve, and by the type of manufacturing processes you use. All through a quarterly booklet sent to your email.


Gardner works individually with each client to find the 10-12 data series (“combinations”) from the Gardner Business Index that matter most to your company and your success and provide it to you each month in a PDF booklet of visually appealing charts.

How does it work?

Each month manufacturing facilities are asked if their

  • New orders
  • Production
  • Backlog
  • Employment
  • Exports
  • Supplier deliveries
  • Material prices
  • Prices received
  • Future business expectations

are up, down, or the same from the previous month.

A diffusion index is created for each of the above questions. The Total Index is an average of the first six sub-indices in the list above. In addition to the nine questions above, each facility is asked how much they will spend on capital equipment in the next 12 months. More information about how the GBI is calculated and reported can be found at:

Data Specificity

Gardner tracks survey responses along the following four dimensions:

  • Manufacturing Process (e.g. Metalworking, Plastics Processing, Composites)
  • Geographic Region (West, Southwest)
  • Company Size (e.g. 1-19 employees, 20-49 employees
  • End-Markets Served (e.g. aerospace, medical)

Each facility can be in only one industry, region, and plant size. However, facility responses can count in more than one process based on our knowledge of what that facility does. The final result is 2,300 combinations of our four dimensions, providing -for most- far more data than most business leaders can use or want. This is why each Snapshot subscription is custom tailored to the client’s needs.

Sample SNAPSHOT Booklet

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Access to the Data

$2,400 Annually

To learn more about SNAPSHOT or to purchase a subscription, call 513-527-8000 and ask for Gardner Intelligence. Or, use the email form below:

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